Iijokisoutu 2022

The Iijoki river rowboat event - for the 38th time

July 3 - 6, 2022

Iijoki calls you to row with us!

For the 38th time we will be rowing down the picturesque Iijoki River in traditional wooden boats.

The Iijoki River Rowing event was created in 1983 as a protest against the plans to further dam the river and to build a reservoir that would drown large areas of local wilderness and tradition. Now we have our goals in bringing back the river's native migratory salmon population.

While we´ve rowed to support the freedom of the river and the return of the salmon, the Iijoki Rowing event has grown to be not just a protest, but also a cultural travel event. It is place to be for people looking for a break from routine, to get some fresh air, to experience the local tradition, to enjoy fresh waters, campfires and festivities of Northern Finland during the most beautiful time of the summer.

Iijoki Rowing is not a competition, but a journey to enjoy nature and the landscapes. The landscapes include local countryside and wilderness.

You are albe to join us for a day or two or for the whole row. No prior experience is needed. The boats have experienced coxswains who know how to steer the boats in rapids or other difficult parts, so you'll always be safe.

Sign up and reserve a seat in one of our boats. Come row with us!

- Pudasjärven luonnonsuojeluyhdistys ry

Attendance fees, 2022


  • Reserved seat in our boat: 1 day 30 € , whole event 80 €
  • In your own boat/kayak/canoe: 1 day 20 € , whole event 50 €

Child under age 15:

  • Reserved seat in our boat: 1 day 15 € , whole event 40 €
  • In your own boat/kayak/canoe: 1 day 10 € , whole event 25 €

Bus travel for retrieving your car: 5 €/day, 10 €/whole event
Only for the driver, valid whole event. For those who leave their car at the launch site in the morning, a bus is arranged to go back so they can retrieve their cars.

Payments in advance, please:

Iijokisoutu FI14 5360 0420 0911 78

OR on the spot at the accounting caravan.

Programme (changes are possible)

SUNDAY, 3rd of July 2022

  • Gathering to Saija (Saijantie 8, Jokijärvi, Taivalkoski). Please sign up at the office before 8 PM. You will be given your attendance token and instructions for the event.
  • A course for the rowers and coxswains at Saija. Approximately one hour. Probably in Finnish.
  • Food buffet available at Saija in the afternoon.
  • Sauna at Saija during the afternoon and evening. A traditional savusauna (smoke sauna).
  • Opening ceremony and dancing at Saija.
  • Lodging: Rent a room from Saija (email: info(at)saija.fi), or go camping or park your caravan in the yard for free.

MONDAY, 4th of July

distance rown 27 km
  • Breakfast at Saija or bring your own
  • The office at the caravan is open between 7:30 and 8:30 AM
  • 8:30 AM: Safety instructions at the shore of Saija
  • 8:45 AM: Everyone to the shore, get into the boats!
  • 9:00 AM: Boats launch at The shore of Saija (Saijantie 8, Jokijärvi, Taivalkoski).
  • 10 AM: Moment of piety at Kirkkosaari island.
  • ~ midday: Lunch break at Hepokangas. You may buy fried fish, sausage, coffee. 9 kilometers from Saija.
  • ~4 PM: Boats ashore (Putaanmutka, Talonpojantie, Taivalkoski). Car retrievers go back to Saija by bus.
  • Dinner: Place will be mentioned later. Car retrivers can eat at Saija (buffet).
  • The organizers will take care of moving the boats and canoes past the dam for next morning's launch.
  • Lodging: Vaara Sport, Hotel Herkko, Asuntohotelli Ruska OR free camping around Melontakeskus or Vaara Sport.
  • Sauna: free, Melontakeskus or Hotelli Herkko, which also has a swimming pool.
  • There is also an event called "Päätaloviikko" (Päätalo Week, a celebration of the local author Kalle Päätalo) which happens simultaneously with the rowing event.

TUESDAY, 5th of July

distance rown 32 km
  • Breakfast at Melontakeskus
  • 9:00 AM: Boats launch (Tynnyritie)
  • ~ midday: Lunch at Koivukoski (Jurmuntie 103 B) 12km from Taivalkoski.
  • ~ 2 PM: A break: swimming at the sand banks, Jurmu. Distance from the previous pause is 9 km.
  • ~ 4 PM: Boats ashore at Siiranranta (Parviaisentie 4980). The car retrievers go by bus to Taivalkoski.
  • Dinner
  • Sauna. Price included in the camping fee.
  • Lodging Camping in own tents, trailers, etc.
  • In the evening, there's programme by the participants. Campfire and songs!

WEDNESDAY, 6th of July

distance rown 31 km
  • Breakfast. You can also buy sandwiches for snack.
  • 9:00 AM: Boats launch at Siiranranta, Parviainen.
  • ~11 AM: Coffee break at Räpättävä (11 km from launch), bring your own snacks. Coffee is made collectively for everyone at the campfire.
  • ~1 PM: Break at the Kello cable ferry (5 km from Räpättävä. Anttilantie 2, Pudasjärvi). Coffee and pastries.
  • ~ 4 PM: Boats ashore by the Kurki school (Kariniementie 2). Car retrievers by bus to Siira.
  • Dinner at Kurki school
  • Lodging in your own tent, caravan, or rooms at the school.
  • Sauna is free.
  • You can buy snacks and drinks at a kiosk.
  • Evening programme and dancing at the Kurki school.
You can stay the night at Kurki and begin your home journey in the morning.
  • Food: We've arranged food services with local businesses, from breakfast to dinner. The prices may vary depending on the location, so we cannot be sure of those in advance. Please notice: bring cash with you. You may check the food availability at different breaks and stops from the schedule. You only need to have your own food at Räpättävä (Wednesday). In most places, the most common special diets can be arranged. Please inform us of any serious allergies or other dietary requirements in advance, while you sign up.
  • Lodging of different types is available, depending on the location. You may bring your own tent or trailer, or rent rooms from hotels, hostels. Please ask for more information if you're uncertain. We are happy to help you! There is a sauna available at every place where we stay overnight.
  • Things you'll need for the boat journey: a life jacket (bring your own or rent from us), a sitting cushion, a hat or such, probably sunglasses, something long-sleeved but light to protect from sunburn without getting hot, something warm, a water bottle, gloves to protect your hands while rowing, sunscreen lotion, a raincoat or such, and practical shoes such as sneakers or sport sandals (which you don't mind getting wet). Rubber boots are impractical, as they can get filled with water.
  • You might want to bring some snacks or pack a lunch, if you dont think you'll last between the stops where food can be bought. Take as few possessions as you can into the boat, a small bag should be enough.
  • Bus for those who left their own cars at the launch site. At the end of every day's rowing, a bus is waiting. It will bring the car drivers back to the day's starting point, so they can get their cars from there. The cost of the bus travel is 5 €/day, 10 €/whole event.
  • An office car travels with the event. If you don't have a car, it can haul your extra luggage (such as a tent, extra clothes, also wheelchairs etc. if needed).
  • Insurance: We have a liability insurance, which will compensate if we make a mistake. However, it does not compensate you dropping your phone, glasses or wallet into the river, so you'll want to have your own insurance for such things.
  • Safety: The event has a safety and rescue plan. Experienced paddlers are responsible for safety and guiding on the river. We have a first aid team. Life jackets are compulsory. You may also rent them from us (2 €/day), although we have a limited supply of children's sizes.
About the Iijoki Rowing
  • The Iijoki Rowing is not a competition, but a journey to enjoy nature and the landscapes, which include local countryside and wilderness.
  • The rowing comprises normally 160 kilometers (100 miles) along of river (about 30 kilometers each day).
  • There are over 100 rapids; however, they're mostly small and beginner-friendly, no prior experience is required.
  • If we will go down bigger rapids (Kipinä, Toho) at the end of the last day of the event, you'll be forewarned, and can opt out if you wish. There is a stop before the Kipinä rapids, where boats will be emptied of any luggage that might get wet or fall into the river. The Kipinä rapids are also not recommended for small children, especially not without a caretaker in the same boat.
  • The boats go down the Kipinä rapids one at a time. While you wait for your turn, you can watch this from the shores or the bridge.
  • Previous experience is not required, and people of all ages can join the event. Our boats have experienced coxswains who know how to steer the boats in rapids or other difficult parts, so you'll be safe.
  • Do not bring all your possessions into the boat, only take what you need on the river. If you want, you can leave your extra luggage with the event's office car, which moves along with the event.
  • You may bring a sleeping bag, camping mattress, and possibly a tent if you wish to stay overnight. Many places also offer possibilities to rent rooms from hotels, hostels or such, although you may still need a sleeping bag or your own blanket. Call or email us (info(at)iijokisoutu.net) if you're uncertain.
  • You need to have an accident insurance taken in the country you left to this trip (home country) for these kind of events, and one for lost property (insurance for the baggage).
  • Even if the sign-up deadline has passed, we will not turn away last-minute participants if we happen to still have free seats in the boats.


You'll find the sign-up sheet here!

If possible, please sign up BEFORE THE 27th OF JUNE if you need seating in our boats (AKA if you didn't bring your own boat).

Every participant/group must also sign up in person, on location, when you enter the event. There you will be given your ticket token(s), and you can get the car retrieval bus ticket. You will also be informed of the rules of the event.

See you at the river!